O Tannenbaum!

On the Fourth Sunday of Advent, a week before Christmas, a group of Sisters bundled up, piled into the pickup truck, and slipped and slid over the snow to find a couple of trees for our Christmas festivities. Wishing everyone a joyful, grace-filled, and merry Christmas Season!    

Mosaic Art at the Abbey

05/24/2016 This past weekend was our annual Mosaic Art Workshop, which we have been hosting with artist Kathy Thaden for five years now. The many windows in the conference room provide lost of air and light for the twelve participants that Kathy is able to take each year. Not surprisingly, the registration roster fills up … More Mosaic Art at the Abbey

Welcoming Wayfarers

05/16/2016 Sunday evening we had a chance to exercise hospitality the way St. Benedict would have back before websites, or even postal services. Bill Marcell,  who is bicycling from Florida to Alaska (yes, that’s right), had been hoping to make it to Laramie, 30 miles north of the Abbey, but the cold rainy weather had … More Welcoming Wayfarers

Corpus Christi Weekend – Chant Workshop and Eucharistic Procession

 05/31/2016 This past Sunday we celebrated the Solemnity of the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ — still known popularly by its former Latin name, Corpus Christi. We took advantage of the beautiful Latin Vespers and Mass propers of the day’s liturgy to schedule our annual Gregorian Chant Workshop for the days preceding the … More Corpus Christi Weekend – Chant Workshop and Eucharistic Procession